Factoring Conference Factoring Conference

"Year after year the IFA continues to put on a first-class event!"

Robert Kort, Hamilton Group, North Syracuse, NY

"Great. We learned about a lot of issues and met with excellent people - you guys do a great job!"

Teresa del Real, Viva Capital Funding, El Paso, TX

"Very well organized. Good selection of seminar topics. Not just for subject matter but for career level as well."

Chris Faile, Accord Financial, Toronto, ON, CANADA

"Thank you and congrats! The premier conference for factoring - a do not miss event!"

Martin Rees, Clearflow Finance, Richmond Hill, ON, CANADA

"Great conference as always. Networking opportunities are priceless."

Todd Waller, Orange Commercial Credit, Olympia, WA

"Sessions were excellent - great topics very well done presentations."

Denise Field, Buchalter, San Francisco, CA

"I found the info very helpful. A true networking event!"

Iris Welch, Liquid Capital Access, Houston, TX

"Great conference as always. Very informative."

John Martin, General Electric Company - GE Energy, Atlanta, GA

"As always, a great conference!"

Gail Reints, Sky Business Credit, Downers Grove, IL

"The conference was informative and enjoyed the networking opportunities. Looking forward to attending next year."

Dereck Stanley, Engaged Financial, Parkville, MO

"Conference was well planned and worthwhile. Food was very good. The best part for me was speaking with our peers in the industry."

Allen Geyer, AGR Financial, LLC, Edison, NJ

"Very successful event, including the evening events. Looking forward to next year!"

Jared Kogan, OnDeck, New York, NY

"Always a great conference."

Sean Stebing, Quality Companies, Indianapolis, IN

"Great conference!"

Sean Murray, deBanked, New York, NY

"Best organized conference I have attended. Met some great people. Really appreciate being part of the IFA."

Bob Kummer, American Research Capital, Seattle, WA

"The conference was great! Lovely venue, great networking events."

Bonnie Castillo, CoreFund Capital, LLC, Weatherford, TX

"Another great conference. Thanks for all of your hard work and preparation."

Renee Tyack, Capital-Plus, Inc, Columbus, OH

"First IFA conference. Great way things were set up and the speakers were wonderful. Hope to attend again."

Christina Kordik, Saint John Capital, Park Ridge, IL

"As always, very well organized and extremely interesting topics."

Alfredo Morales, FactorPlus, Doral, FL

"Conference was wonderful."

Sue Hickey, Crestmark Bank, Boynton Beach, FL

"The conference had so many worthwhile topics."

Tina Capobianco, JD Factors, Mississauga, ON, CANADA

"Great conference. Food was outstanding. Relevant topics. Well organized."

Roger Gebhart, Commercial Credit Group, Charlotte, NC

"Always a great time! The friends you meet at conferences is worth the price of admission alone!"

Frank Mancini, Plus Funding Group, White Plains, NY

"Well organized, good vendors, good idea exchanges at panels"

Donata Koveriene, United Capital, St. Petersburg, FL

"Great networking. The evening events were well attended."

Stephanie Chmielecki, PRN Funding, Beachwood, OH

"Amazing, just amazing - Thank you!"

Michael Albanese, Cost Reduction Soltuions, Parsippany, NJ

"Another great conference! Thank you!"

Mickey Seeman, Sunbelt Finance, Jonesboro, AR

"Essential for all in the industry!"

George Thorson, Triumph Business Capital, Coppell, TX

"Excellent conference! I particularly liked Dr. Beck Weathers speech! It brought tears to my eyes. Dan Burrs was also excellent."

Janet Godard, Aerofund, San Jose, CA

"It keeps getting better & better. So well organized. Good job all of you - Thank you!"

Carol McDonald, Aerofund Financial, San Jose, CA

"I enjoyed the diversity of the topics covered this year. The networking opportunities are excellent!"

Merrell Hollbrook, Assist Financial, Services, Inc., Madison, SD

"Really outstanding sessions."

JD Kinney, QC Capital Solutions, Overland Park, KS

"Once again, very good. Well organized. Nice job!"

Kevin Janusz, Cross Key Capital, Kirkland, WA

"Well organized and timely topics."

Jan Bellah, Triumph Business Capital, Coppell, TX

"Wish I had the ability to attend 2 sessions at the same time. Too many good topics!"

Howard Sutter, Life Funding Options, Greenville, SC

"This year's conference exceeded my expectations. Great crowd, great presentations and great networking opportunities."

Kee Kim, Finance One, Los Angeles, CA

"Once again, conference was great! Seeing old friends, making new ones and developing new partnerships has made it all worthwhile."

Greg Salomon, Primary Funding Corp., San Diego, CA

"Excellent agenda and schedule. Having all rooms together was a plus. One of the best conferences for topics and meetings. Food was good - bars in events were great. Great job!"

Wayne Coker, Advantage Business Capital, Houston, TX


Tim Bushko, Liquid Capital, Calgary, AB, CANADA

"Great venue. Lots of opportunity for networking."

Jeffrey Alpert, Torkin Manes, Toronto, ON, CANADA

"Once again, a great and insightful conference."

Sal Trupiano, Sun City, AZ

"Another great year for the IFA conference- always a great time with lots of valuable information."

Cody McDonald, Corporate Billing, LLC, Decatur, AL

"Overall I enjoyed it very much."

Alex Elias, Foley Carrier Services, LLC, Omaha, NE

"Location was great. Really enjoyed all food served. Happy hours & dessert receptions were wonderful networking opportunities."

Kristy Martin, May 1st LLC, Boynton Beach, FL

"Great conference - liked the hotel and the fact the conference halls were close. Good job!"

Carol McDonald, Aerofund Financial, San Jose, CA

"Excellent opportunities for networking. Some great educational sessions as well."

Bob Jaskiewicz, 12five Capital, Chicago, IL

"Great event - very informative!"

Brandon Chase, Momentum Capital Funding, LLC, Birmingham, AL

"Well organized and useful."

Scott Turner, GMA Fund, Weatherford, TX

"I love this conference. People are great about sharing."

Charisse Castagnoll, Trucker Path Inc., Austin, TX

"This was a great show!"

Gordon Onley, JD Factors, Mississauga, ON, CANADA

"Very well organized and best conference in my life. Good job!"

Bharat Liwani, Falcon Capital LLC, Chicago, IL

"I really enjoyed the speakers. They gave great info."

Kelly Waldropt, Crestmark Bank, Boynton Beach, FL