Factoring Conference Factoring Conference

"The IFA conference is one of the highlights of our year. The many social functions provide networking opportunities to form business and personal relationships that last throughout the years. Congratulations to the IFA on running another great conference!"

Jeffrey Alpert, Torkin Manes, Toronto, ON, CANADA

"As a factoring executive, I have 3 main responsibilities: 1. advance the organization 2. Protect its clients 3. develop its people. The IFA Conference is vital for all three!"

George Thorson, Triumph Business Capital, Dallas, TX

"Again, another excellent annual conference. Timely topics, awesome facility & tremendous networking opportunities."

Andrea Wright, D&S Factors, Fruitland, ID

"Seeing old friends, making new friends while gaining knowledge. I love the IFA!"

Gail Winther, Tradewind, New York, NY

"First time, fantastic! Very informative and educational."

Jason Ravalli, Oxygen Working Capital, Barrie, ON, CANADA

"Fantastic as always. Great energy, great vibe, terrific people in the industry always willing to exchange information."

Alan Eliasof, Prestige Capital, Fort Lee, NJ

"Preeminent meeting for the factoring/able industry. The ability to meet and network with so many relevant referrers & suppliers under one roof is a reason in itself to attend!"

Martin Rees, Clearflow Commercial, Oakville, ON, CANADA

"I loved it! This is the must attend event of the year!"

Frank Mancini, Plus Funding Group, White Plains, NY

"Very impressive and worth my coming all the way from Nigeria to attend."

Lanre Bakare, Factoring & Supply Chain Finance Limited, Victoria Island, Lagos, NIGERIA

"Congrats on another excellent event which brings our industry together!"

Robert Kort, The Hamilton Group, Westlake Village, CA

"Location = Perfect. I know everyone seems to say this but the conference does seem to get better and better every year in terms of the offerings as a whole. Classes and speakers are relevant, networking opportunities are top notch, and the overall vibe of the thing is great and everyone seems to be open to chatting and getting to know each other. Friday night closer was excellent, again can't beat the location."

Todd Waller, Orange Commercial Credit, Olympia, WA

"Great Venue. Great opener and Fri night party. Great everything!"

Jon Anselma, Paragon Financial Group, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"This was my first conference. I really enjoyed myself and found it a good investment of my time and money. "

Jonathan Brindley, Liquid Capital, Missauga, ON, CANADA

"Great conference!"

Elise Repp, TravelCenters of America, Westlake, OH

"As usual a great conference for doing business and catching up with clients."

Chris Reckert, ePayment America, Memphis, TN

"Excellent conference! As a first timer, I really enjoyed the networking opportunities provided."

Ron Morris, Ansonia, Olympia, WA

"Excellent conference - Only difficulty was choosing which event to attend"

Daniel da Silva Franca, COFACE, New York, NY

"Great venue. Well organized as always."

Jan Bellah, Triumph Business Capital, Dallas, TX

"Miami was a great location. Conference went great. I am amazed at how big the conference has become. Keep up the great work!"

Erik Belk, Match Factors, Florence, SC

"As usual, really enjoyed the conference as you continually include a diverse group subject matter meetings."

Merrell Holbrook, Assist Financial, Madison, SD

"Excellent conference. Nicely set up."

Jean Madden, Lenders Funding, Williamsburg, VA

"Great location, well organized. Speakers were consistently good. IFA board members very friendly and welcoming."

Kristy McHenry, American Funding Solutions, LLC, Blue Springs, MO

"Everything was very well done."

Jeff Bonner, Grace Capital Resources, Monmouth Beach, NJ

"It was a great opportunity for myself to engage with veteran industry participants given I am very new to the industry."

Michael Warrington, Oxygen Working Capital, Barrie, ON, CANADA

"Great experience."

Danika Louis, Republic Business Credit, New Orleans, LA

"Great conference, very organized and informative. I'm very glad to have attended."

Flavia DoLago Coetzee, Tradewind, New York, NY

"My first conference and I enjoyed everything about it. Great people, informative and great food!"

Tracy Coffman, D&S Factors, Fruitland, ID

"Very good initiative! This was my first time attending and I have learned so much!"

Dianna DaCosta, Development Bank of Jamaica, Kingston, JAMAICA

"Great conference - Great location."

Janet Godard, Aerofund, San Jose, CA

"Great setup, location, topics & experts."

Nel Somarriba, New Century Financial, The Woodlands, TX

"As an exhibitor, the IFA always delivers. Exhibitor space layout was great for attendees interaction. Best conference of the year."

Tinamarie Sulpizio, Hubtran, Lake Havasu, AZ

"Excellent, relevant."

Trae O'Neil High, We Factor You, New York, NY

"Very good. Informative and interesting."

Jack Vultaggio, Cohn & Dussi, Woburn, MA

"Well organized and timely topics."

Jan Bellah, Triumph Business Capital, Coppell, TX

"The friendships forged from attending 20+ conferences priceless!"

Sally Stark, Sierra Capital, Hillsdale, NY

"Excellent conference."

Mark Tiggleoven, Advantage Business Capital, Houston, TX

"Great selection of seminars as always. The hardest part is figuring out which one to attend. I am so appreciative of all that the IFA does and each of you for all of the time & effort that you put in to make it a wonderful conference."

Amy Balciunas, Commonwealth Capital, Bloomington, MN

"Great conference. Enjoyable and valuable."

Travis Pigg, BAM Worldwide, Chattanooga, TN

"Always rewarding. Divers too."

Michael Albanese, Cost Reduction Solutions, Parsippany, NJ

"Excellent conference!"

Tony Neglia, Stonebridge Financial, Brentwood, TN

"Always a well organized event. Kudos to the leadership. Guest speakers were top-notch. "

Bill Stewart, Steelhead Finance, Medford, OR

"Excelent as always"

Michael Ullman, Ullman & Ullman, P.A., Boca Raton, FL

"Excellent content, networking, vendors and venue!"

Rhett Rowe, GMA Fund, New York, NY

"Great networking opportunities, great location and weather, very well attended. Evening receptions where excellent and the exhibitors set up was easy to access throughout the event."

Greg Dyson, Sallyport Commercial Finance, Sugar Land, TX

"Very well run Conference providing a good balance of networking opportunities, education , and entertainment"

Neville Grusd, Merchant Factors, New York, NY

"The networking was excellent. I enjoyed the sessions and the variety of content. Food was very good as well as the venue. Well done, thank you!"

Scott Norris, Paragon Finance Group, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"Once again the conference was well organized and well run. I visited with many of the exhibitors and made several new contacts. The location was excellent, as was the food. A job well done!"

Kevin Westfall, Pivot Financial, Inc., Mississiuga, ON, CANADA

"First time attendees, excellent conference. "

Ted Parker, Live Oak Bank, Wilmington, NC

"I want to thank you and your team for a great job again. It was super!"

Niko Kluyver, FactorPlus, Willemstad, CURACAO

"Always enjoy the conference, great networking."

Robert Meyers, Republic Business Credit, LLC, New Orleans, LA